A Public School keeps kids out of an outdoor carnival to make a profit.

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I cannot believe that I’m sharing this story in 2015 with all of the talk in the world about inequity to see it being ingrained in children in such a over the top mind blowing way is really just sad.

Susan Edelman broke this story and It seems that Principe Joan Monrone  of PS 120 in Flushings’ allowed an even to be staged in a Public School, during school hours to profit a select few while punishing another select few.

The carnival cost about $6,200, including fees to a carnival company, Send in the Clowns, and reaped a $2,000 to $3,000 profit, he added.

Just wanting everyone reading to get this straight they needed to make a profit at this school more then they needed to develop, educate, and stimulate every single kid?   Nope if your parents weren’t able to help off set the loss of profit for a party than you got to sit in a auditorium supervised.

If there is place for the Marginal Utility of Public Good it’s in schools and that the principle of this schools is more concerned being a CEO than a Civil Servant –means that both she and the structure in place needs to be reviewed and offered a course correction if it’s found that they’re more concerned about the  Money over the Utility Public Good.

Please read the full story and share it widely.


PS why not at least try some crowd funding or holding the carnival during the weekend like 99 precent of the rest of the fundraisers do.