Ok I give Economic is not science~ it’s a reflection of us

Today we ask you to consider such a magnanimous leap of understanding and go from I to We when you now start to think about economics.  Since Western man’s bases his understanding or metaphor to live by of on the Greek concept of oikonomia (how you run your household) and perhaps we’ve been a bit misdirected in our attention by the politics not economic of life.   Since anyone running  a home has to think about everyone in it or they’re not running it and it don’t take a scientist to understand that basic fact of life. Harmony in the home makes for a better home.  For the record economics really predates the Greeks and goes all the way back into antediluvian times ..

System of accounting had grown up based on little clay counters in the shapes of commodities (hides, jars of oil, bars of metal, etc.) Also glyptic seals had been invented with images used heraldically to designate the seals’ owners. Counters and seals were pressed into slabs of wet clay and the records were held in Temple archives-probably records of debts owed to the Temple Link to Sumerian Economics.

This need to account is based upon the fact that you will be interacting with more than yourself.  So if we’ve known for almost ten thousand years about this need let’s stop the bickering about external issues and concentrate on the part of how do we progress together. Since no one does it alone.  With that in mind We-conomics and other Co-creation/education/manifestations are linked.  By acknowledging this link we can go from playing checkers in a chess reality to enjoying the game of life and make it work for the many.  As there is no world without us. 

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